25 vettes went on the run to Tehachapi for lunch at the Apple Shed restaurant and a tour of the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch. The restaurant reserved tables for the 45 members and created a buffet to keep from backing up the kitchen. Included were BBQ chicken & tri tip, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, spinach quiche, scalloped potatos, fresh fruit & assorted turnovers. Some also ordered from the regular menu.

Our tour guide at the ostrich ranch was very informative. One thing we learned is that ostrich feathers are used by the factory and Corvette museum to remove dust. Several members fed them and purchased feather dusters and other items from the gift shop.

Several of us took the Tehachapi/Willow Springs road through the windmill farms for a final stop at McDonalds in Rosamond before heading back home. Much thanks to Bob and Jill as well as Steve and Lois for the writeup and photos.

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