We left Jamba Juice with 15 cars and took the scenic route to Port Hueneme. SVCC made quite an impression when we arrived, and the 15 cars represented about 20% of the total cars in the show. We easily garnered the club participation trophy, and all SVCC members went up to receive the club trophy. Individual awards were won by Jim & Maryanne; Ben & Veronica; Steve & Marsha.  Ron T, who joined us at the show with his customized yellow Z06, also got a trophy. 
It was much cooler than Simi and the San Fernando Valleys which led to a very comfortable day. There were many booths and much to do. A pass in review on the parade ground was exceptional and moving. Music was great, both on the car show lot, but also live groups playing nearby. Many of us stopped in to pay our respects to Shari Barnes and her family at Don Cuco’s in Simi Valley, on the way back from Seabee Days. Still some shifted north on Tapo Street to park ourselves in the Regal Theaters Mall and listen to a live concert with some excellent country music.

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