A splendid day of sunshine at the Reagan Library & Museum was enjoyed in the courtyard under the California Oaks. We started off the morning doing our rendition of “Gorillas in the Mist”, as it was more than a bit foggy (See the photo of the Savas’ C4). At around 10:30 most everyone ventured into the museum, with a couple of staying behind to guard our prized possessions.

A palate & belly pleasing lunch at The Reagan Country Cafe provided more sunshine on the patio (George, you missed the 10% discount! – Don’t worry we saved you a coupon…)

The visitors to the museum enjoyed looking (and some touching) our array of C1, C3, C4, C4-ZR1, C5, C6, C6-Z06…. In all we had 16 cars, one with a flat tire…

The Library & Museum staff were happy with the attention that the cars drew; their hope being that next time we have twice as many cars!!

As the three o’clock hour approached we started to meander out…. The last skeletal remains departed at 5!

Perhaps to appease the Democrats in the house, next time we’ll do this at the Clinton Library in Little Rock!!

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