21 of us went to the Jay Leno taping and had a super time. We parked in the NBC lot; entered Studio 9 through Guest Relations; and sat together in reserved seats for the taping. Steve was able to hand Jay one of our club shirts during his warmup period (we were concerned that security might jump Steve since he was a bit aggressive. All went well however. After the show, we were told to hang around and Jay came out, met with us briefly, and posed for pictures with the group.

Afterwards we went up to Mo’s Restaurant (next to Bob’s Big Boy) on Riverside Drive, Burbank. We had the back room to ourselves, and most enjoyed the delicious burgers. It was a very successful run – thanks much to Marsha for coordinating the run. Also, thanks to Skip for working with his relative to allow for the parking and entrance benefits. For those who couldn’t go this time, there will certainly be opportunities in the future.

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